Take Back Your Free Speech

Finally a real alternative to BIG TECH social media you'll actually want to use!

Here’s why you’ll want to dump Zuck and switch to Jeff to connect with friends and family, freely post your opinions without censorship, create groups, earn rewards, get access to exclusive online events and much more!  Join the Pre-Launch list for updates and special perks.

You aren't the product

Unlike BIG TECH social media platforms who sell your personal data to generate revenue, JEFF gives you control of your own personal data.

Beautiful Easy-to-Use Interface

You can interact with friends and family, create your own interest groups, share photos and videos and engage with content — BETTER THAN BIG TECH

Free Speech and Ideas

We will never censor you for expressing your feeling, thoughts, opinions or ideas. Our speech is what make us great.—no matter if others don't like it.

Access to Live Exclusive Events

Our members love to be ideas, knowledge and music. Jeff will bring you exclusive events by though-provoking and inspiring leaders, creators and musicians.

Create and Join Groups

Love knitting? Politics? Cooking? 2A? Create your own public or private group to share ideas, learn new things or meet new people with similar interests.

Connect with Friends & Family

Just like you are used to on "that other BIG TECH platform, you'll enjoy the same features to connect and share with your friends and family without censorship.

Available Across ALL Your Devices

From Apple iOS and Google Android app to your smart TV you'll be able to engage with JEFF anywhere you are with an internet connection.

Free to Join

Unlike BIG TECH social media platforms who sell your personal data to generate revenue, JEFF gives you control of your own personal data.

Patriot Owned

As a privately held company we aren't beholden to WOKE companies. We are taking the lead in re-establishing our founding principles of faith, family and freedom.

Revoke BIG TECH's right to your personal data!

Now you have a choice.

Everything you expect in a social media platform without the censorship and fake news

JEFF has been engineered from the ground up to deliver a user experience that exceeds the BIG TECH platforms.

This is the social media platform we’ve been waiting for.

Connect with friends

It's easy to invite your family and friends. Share stories, photos, laughs or controversial news. It's your choice! Before you know you'll be ditching Zuck!

Ultra Fast Speed

This isn't some "fly by night" app slapped together to be the latest thing. It's built on a reliable tech platform that won't be subject to being canceled —ever!

Easy to Use Design

Whether you're using the web site or mobile app, you experience will be smooth as silk for all ages.

Earn Rewards

We love our members and what to give back for their support of Jeff and our mission of freedom speech and right for all.

Private Messaging

Send your personal connections unlimited private messages with text, photos, video and more. Makes it fun to stay close to those that matter most.

Freedom for All

We don't care who you or what you look like. If you believe that all people were created equal with unalienable rights, you are home.

You deserve a social network that is

Access Anywhere You Are 24/7/365






I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Help Us Reach Our Goal by January 2022


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To create a future where free and open communication is not banned by Big Tech.

Founded by Patriot, Jeffrey Prather

Retired Special Operations Soldier, former DIA Intelligence Collector, and ex-DEA Special Agent, targeted by the Deep State, turned Whistle Blower, now your intelligence officer exposing fake news!

Experiences: Served with Special Forces, Chief of Global Operations for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Fast and Furious whistle blower.

Skills: Author, Speaker, Martial Arts Master, Television and film actor, Firearms instructor, Chaplain.

Appearances: Fox News, Drudge Report, Laura Ingram show. Jeffrey has appeared weekly for over a decade on local TV and radio and breaks news on deep state cover-ups and fake news before it happens!


Created in the United States of America to make social media free again.

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